Mona Lisa Framing – Testimonials: Love and The City

Love and The City

Mona Lisa Framing – Stories: Love and The CityHi Anne!

I’m a true romantic… I’m a total sucker for love and I always loved that photograph. When I saw it in color – I love rainbows too – it was like my god that’s a perfect picture for me. Kissing… it’s a rainbow… it’s… you know… I don’t know I just loved it so much!


You can see it from the Highline, it’s probably like around 20th [street in NYC] or something as you’re walking south. You look East it’s on a building on the south side of the street.

Mona Lisa Framing – Testimonials: Love and The City

It kind of spoke to me, so I snapped a picture and when we came home I really wanted to put it up somewhere. I thought to myself, “Where I can put this so I can see it all the time?” whether I’m in the living room, sitting outside, or anywhere. The outdoor veranda was the perfect place.


I had a similar frame on a painting of my grandmother’s. That frame was a mess but we wanted to sorta honor that artwork. This photo is an industrial street scene with a bridge in the city. So it worked. When I went to Mona Lisa to frame the photo we talked about it and bounced ideas off of each other.

Mona Lisa Framing – Testimonials: Love and The City

It’s a corrugated tin frame that’s from reclaimed tin from Louisiana. It works great with weather all year round. It fits, it’s the perfect frame.

To me, framing is part of the art. The framing elevates the art if you let it. I mean… so many people just use plain black frames and it doesn’t work. A good frame completes the picture and elevates it to another level.