We would like to introduce to you some of the people we’ve had the privilege of working with over the last 13 years. We feel Our Partners are an extension of the Mona Lisa family. Their creativity and expertise have allowed us to learn new ideas and to think “out of the box.” This page is dedicated to them for their continued support and their commitment to making a difference in people’s lives through the creative process. Each one is a leader in their industry, and “set the bar” from knowledge gained by years of experience. All of them shine in their own light, and we enthusiastically recommend their services to you. We hope you enjoy working with them as much as we do.

Interior Designers:

  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: Sandra D'Amata International - Morristown, NJ

    Sandra D’Amata

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  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: L'Entrepot Design

    L’Entrepot Design

    Linda Kennedy, the owner and proprietor of L’Entrepot, has been providing advice on matters of interior design to New Jersey & New York clients since 1998. Based in Maplewood, interior design has been a life passion of Linda’s, which is evident to anyone who has ever stepped foot onto L’Entrepot, or any room in her or her client’s home for that matter!

  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    Karen B. Wolf

    The Karen B. Wolf design concept layers classical elements with modern sensibility to create balanced, elegant and livable spaces. Karen’s aesthetic is well defined from her many years of experience as a fine artist, celebrity product specialist, entrepreneur and traveler.

  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: The Design Maverick – Jerry Rose

    Jerry Rose

    Jerry Rose is one of America’s premier floral and event designers. When you experience Jerry Rose designs you are immediately awed by his visually stunning concepts. His treatment of flowers as art and events as great theater, result in an experience one long to remembers.

  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: Clawson Architects

    Clawson Architects

    Clawson Architects LLC is an award-winning full service Architectural and Interior Design firm with expertise in residential, retail, and institutional facilities. Marvin E. Clawson, AIA, NCARB, NJCID, ASID and M. René Clawson, AIA, NJCID, LEED AP, along with the Clawson Architects LLC team, strive to meet your contemporary living and working style with straightforward, thoughtful, sustainable design solutions.

  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: Tara O'Leary

    Tara O’Leary

    Nature and its beauty have been the inspiration for my work for many years. I am fascinated by the sensuousness of Light. To witness the morning light, the filtered light through the trees and the soft haze of a fog. To capture nature’s essence and communicate it with my painting. To consciously avoid elaboration, rather leave a soft mark that allows the viewer to fill in the rest…the way the fog slowly lifts on a misty morning.


  • Mona Lisa Framing Partner: Honey2Do List

    Honey2Do List

    Give us your 2 do list! We offer a wide range of home maintenance and repair services—all designed to help you check those items off your to do list so that you can relax and enjoy your well maintained home.

    We can:

    • Interior painting
    • Hang doors
    • Power washing
    • Deck repair
    • Hang curtains and art
    • Install home theaters
    • Plaster/sheetrock repair
    • Window glass replacement
    • Tiling
    • Door and window repairs
    • Kitchen cabinet adjustments
  • Mona Lisa Framing – Raleigh Ceasar

    Raleigh Ceasar

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