Mona Lisa Framing – Stories: To Each Her Own

To Each Her Own

Mona Lisa Framing: Services, Works of Art on PaperHey Linda!


The artist’s name is Laurie Kalb. She is from Morristown. I have one of my friends is a designer also and she found her artwork and then I went to her studio and I just, I love it.


Oh yes! And it worked in my home.

Choosing artwork is very emotional, as far as do you connect with it. It touches you inside. You know, I think there should be a connection with what you get. So when you see something you like, sometimes it’s hard to say why you like it.

You just like it. You have a… it’s an emotional thing; you say, “oh gee I like that!”

Mona Lisa Framing – Stories: To Each Her Own


This came in just kind of like in a cheap frame. And the four pieces were put right across from each other. It was like this long line and they were just put there because I guess you can put it on the wall like that, but I prefer it like this. We broke it apart at the framer after we talked about it. I described to her the space, four would be too much if it was all put together whether horizontally or vertically. This would be a little bit more interesting.


They’re cooperative and open to my ideas and they have their own ideas so they work together and we talk about it. It’s a give and take and we have a back and forth when we go in there. I like things a certain way, as an interior designer, and they understand that.

Mona Lisa Framing – Testimonials: To Each Her Own

For example, I like to insert a counter point; something traditional with something that’s contemporary or vice versa. I have a little dining room piece that she framed and it’s very contemporary but I happen to like putting the tradition with the contemporary so it just worked and turned out great. Again they’re contemporary and the frame that I’m putting on them; some people might think “oh my God what did she do?!” but that’s just the way that I do it.